Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sore Bones

Recently, we got a little crazy in our workout routines and decided to do the "Insanity" 60-day program. Think P90X but 10x more intense. I love Shaun T. but he is not the goofy dancey-dance instructor like he was in "Hip Hop Abs". Did you see the difference? Night and day! Sometimes I don't like him in this one. He makes me do too many reps, too fast. Then I get a 30-second break, and I love him. Back to butt kicks, power squats, and loves fades. It really is a love-hate relationship this time around.

The workouts are so good though. I definitely love him in the end. If you are looking for something to amp up your current routine, try it! Doesn't matter if you are the most avid runner or gym rat of all time, you will be gasping for air and need to take breaks. (If you haven't worked out in awhile though, don't do this right off the bat. Take a week or two and do a little cardio so you can get your endurance back up). All you need is your body and about 45 minutes to an hour, 6 days a week.

Maybe get one of these too.

I know I need one today. Ouch.

Here's to another workout tonight, and another late night cheering on the Blazers!


{Bon Bon}


my name is lauren. said...

ouch! sounds painful...i'm all for pain and gain, but i think i'll stick with my zumba :). it's fun and makes you sweat! this sounds pretty impressive though. the "before & afters" on their site are pretty impressive, but i'm skeptical that they're'll have to let me know in 60 days :).

oh...and yay blazers for the win tonight!

TB said...

Be careful! I did Insanity last year for about a month before I hurt my back and required six months of chiropractic treatment. I think it was all the jumping. :-/

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