Monday, January 24, 2011

From Russia With Love


Long story short, (someday I'll post "The Long Story"), I fell in love with a certain green-eyed Ukrainian man a few years ago. Now I have a brand-new-difficult-to-pronounce-the-cashier-at-the-grocery-store-never-gets-it-right, last name. phew.

Of course, I'm still smitten with my Ukrainian and I absolutely love my new identity as a Mrs. This name is fun. I feel so multi-cultural!
And our kids, well, our kids will be a smorgasbord of international genes. Small parts Korean and German plus a big dose of Eastern European. My main thought about that: What if they have red hair, blue eyes, and look nothing like me? I've seen it happen before people. It's a strange, strange world.
Who am I kidding? They are gonna be so adorable! Yep, I just bragged about our kids that don't even exist.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself though. No little Svetlana or Vladimir running around anytime soon. I think.

In honor of my fancy new name and big extended family, here are some fun little babushka trinkets and lovelies to remind you of the old country.

Russian to Get Home

Squeaky Clean


Add some leggings and a bowl of borscht


O.P.I Boris & Natasha Collection


Sparkly Nesting Doll Ring


"Tro-lo-lo-loooooo" (It's a family favorite song)


Russian Red Pout

Introduce these lovely ladies to The Brothers Karamazov

Jot a few notes to your Mama and Papa

Block out the winter chill

Sweet Dreams of Caviar, Blini, and Vodka

The bebes will come someday...


Adorable clutch to store your rubles


Russian fashion for me


"Mmmmm, Fish Perogies" for him


Matryoshka Flats


Hope you enjoyed a sweet treat of Russian-inspired goodies today!
Don't forget the old country's words of wisdom:

"Love and eggs are best when they are fresh."

"Счастливое понедельник"

-Happy Monday


{Bon Bon}


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Thanks for sharing all these Russian goodies! And take it from me, although having a hard to pronounce name can be difficult at times it can also be fun! This coming from a girl who used to have a very French last name and now has a very German last name!

TB said...

I found you through Vanessa at {the best is yet to be}.

I totally can relate to the dreaming of your future children. My husband is half Filipino, and for years I dreamed about a beautiful Asian-looking child. When we finally got around to making The Kid, I was incredibly surprised to see that he barely looked Asian at all when he was born, and even less Asian the older he gets! In fact, he looks more like me, which is quite surprising. The mix does, however, make him cuter than the average child, if I do say so myself.

I guess you never know what you'll get!

Megan said...

Hahaha...I love that you bragged about your future babies!! I always wonder what ours are going to look like!

my name is lauren. said...

i love this post. what a fun potpourri of ethnicities your future children will have! plus....i love all the little marytroshka dolls. so cute!

mary said...

Babushka babushka! I'm polish, and went the opposite route, from a name with a million silent letters--one of them a Z, one a D, oh yeah and of course one of them a J, to a 5 letter whammy! Pow!

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