Friday, January 21, 2011

Fill in The Blank Friday

1. My favorite quote is completely un-inspirational and entirely random. I was asking my Danish friend, Birgitta, what American holidays she celebrates, if any. Jokingly, I asked her about the 4th of July, to which she replied, "Hmmm. Oh. I know that one! Is that when Jesus went, whoosh, up into Heaven?" Aren't international friends the best .

2. A bad habit I have is cracking my knuckles and my neck. pop pop pop. I'm a chiropractor's dream.

3. The first time I felt like a "grown up" was after Daniel and I moved into our apartment. We were taking a break from unpacking, and as I was in the kitchen, he asked me for a glass of water. In that moment, all of marriage hit me full force, and I realized that for the rest of our lives, I would be grabbing him glasses of water and vice versa. Serving and loving each other, even in the little things like fetching beverages. 5 months as of today .

4. Weekends are when Daniel and I can have our slumber parties. Yes. I get to talk to him in bed as much as I want to since he doesn't have to get up at 6AM. We usually sleep in late. Have brunch. Maybe hit the gym. Spend time with loved ones, north, south, east, or west. Explore the city. Or wherever we end up. Date night. Coffee shop with our cribbage board. Blaze through the DVR/Netflix. Church community. Naps while he watches football. Etc. I love weekends because each one is unique and so full of life, even if it's just the two of us eating bowls of ice cream and brownies on the living room floor. Weekends always, always, always end with Sunday Night Wrestle Night though. It's pretty much the greatest thing Daniel and I have invented so far in our 4 years of dating and 5 months of marriage.

5. When I was a child I wished my name was Lamb-Chop. "This is the song that never ends" Lamb-Chop. Please tell me I'm not the only one who watched that show. I may have been the only one who had the puppet, and would entertain my family at the dinner table. Perhaps, even put on a little show for my pre-K classmates. Thankfully my love for ventriloquism faded. What an odd child I was .

6. I wish I could afford to travel around the world whenever and wherever. Maybe do a little travel writing on the side. New foods. New cultures. New sights. I sleep to dream.

7. A secret I have is that I literally cannot burp. I have no idea how people do it! I have tried and tried. People have attempted to teach me their bubbly ways on numerous occasions. I guess this isn't really a secret, more like a plea. I want to burp. Why? Because I've always wanted to burp the ABC's. What an odd lady I am.

Happy Friday to you! If you want to join in on the fun and fill in some blanks of your own, go check out Lauren's weekly series here.


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Emily P. said...

I love what you wrote about in "feeling like a grown up"...that is so sweet. And, your header is lovely!

Megan said...

Ah, 5 months! Hooray!!

It totally made me laugh that you can't burp...because I can't either!! I have never met a fellow non-burpee! I'm so glad to know you! My friends used to not believe me, but over the 4 years of college they realized that I truly never burped. My throat "gurgles" sometimes, but never a burp.

Okay, awkward comment. The end.

Let's take a coffee break said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 1) I loved that show Lamp-chop and reading rainbow. 2) I CAN NOT burp either. And I totally agree with Megan, my throat does this weird gurgle thing too that sounds like a burp that stopped in the middle of my throat before it came out. Hilarious! Cute blog. New follower :)


mrs. chinncredible said...

girl, i burp often enough and loud enough for the two of us. i don't have a secret about how to do it, because mine are all totally real and not fake or induced. i out burp my husband, who is over a foot taller than me and weighs twice as much as i do.

i wish we lived close so we could hang out. we'd have so much fun, i can tell. :]


Beck said...

Thanks for popping into my blog. You'll have to come to Australia- it's really lovely here! :)
It makes me laugh that you can't burp- THAT I CAN do! ;)
We've been married for nearly 18 months now- it's great isn't it?!

Mish Lovin' Life said...

For my 8th birthday, I had a Lamb Chops party. Plates, cups, goody bags, EVER-Y-THING: Lamb Chops.
You're not the only one who had the obsession.

That show was bomb dot com.


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