Monday, April 16, 2012

Whim Wham Weekend #30

{girls' night. boys' night. a comparison}

Even though I grew up with three older brothers, spiderman comic books, super soaker wars, and matchbox cars a'plenty,

a girly girl inherently lies within me.

a weekend of shirley temples, brunch, prosecco, chocolate, sparkles, pearls, and heels
speaks to me.

It's a breath of fresh air.

Then, back home to my boys.
Kick the fashion over comfort off my feet,
and pull out a leftover portion of dessert that I stashed in my clutch, for Daniel.

Maybe light a candle or two.
Hints of a boys' night point toward stinky feet and watching t.v. in their underwear.
or whatever it is that boys do.

Smells like no place else I'd rather be.


{Bon Bon}


Holly said...

What a sweet post :)

I love the bowtie on his shirt.

thecoffeehouse said...

i agree, there's no place like stinky home. :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

girls night. i'm officialy jealous!

darkheart2011 said...

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Lets keep writing and share to us and other.

Nb: Dont forget to leave your comment back for us.

Ashley said...

He is so cute!!! I'm surrounded by boys as well, but I am definitely a girly girl!

Kaysie said...

you're totally right. Mantras with no actions are useless. Of course I'm not exercise pro haha but I just cant bring myself to go around "motivating" others when my own booty still has a little jiggle to it ;)

the lovebirds said...

stop it- too cute!!! love this post! xo

kristen said...

This is wonderful. I'm glad I rediscovered your blog today (though I don't really know how I undiscovered it...head scratch) and just in time too! I'm taking a trip to Portland this weekend! Now then, I'm off to stalk all of your posts (ALL OF THEM) in hopes of finding out the cool places to go. Cheers!

laura said...

bon bon, i'm loving your blog! what a handsome little boy you have. thanks for stopping by & come back soon!
great little day

Courtney B said...

PERFECT weekend! Girls night ending in time with your loves. Love it!

Alex said...

Stop it. His sleeping face. Killing me. KILLING ME.

ginanorma said...

seriously, could boys and girls be ANY more different!? LOL

Tatiana said...

Look at that sweet lil face! And oh, do I ever know the importance of a girl's night out. Around here it happens about every 6months or so, and when it does I run with it. But you're right. It's nice to come back home to the loves of our lives. Glad you had a grand time girl

Ana said...

Such a sweet post! Love his onesie!

annalynnreilly said...

What a cute little nugget, sleepin' in his bow tie shirt! love love love.

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