Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FairyDrops: A Mascara Review

{my current mascara collection, including one very chewed up Benefit's They're Real! ahem. Baby Bean}

Recently, I took my 2nd voyage up the East side for another visit to {Pretty & Cute}.
Ever since my Fiberwig mascara dried up long ago, I've been drooling for a new tube of Japanese ink.
Heck, ever since I've been a Sephora VIB, I'm always drooling over a new tube of something!* 

Enter in, {FairyDrops}, a best-selling product from Japan with a cult-like following. Inspired by the desire to enhance your eyes both on and off camera, a Japanese TV personality created FairyDrops , which features a luxurious formula highlighted with miniscule fibers, working together to create dramatic, doll-like effects. Available in four different formulas, including waterproof, not to mention, packaged in THE cutest tube of mascara with one of THE most unique applicator brushes. 

Man, that's a whole lotta THE to live up to.**  

Check out the photos below to see if it does. 

nothing. zip. nada

one coat of FairyDrops

two coats + bottom lashes. just for fun.


-Applicator brush with three spherical segments! You can literally get every single lash your eyeballs own, especially those pesky corner wisps. I LOVE this brush.
-Suuuuuuper lengthening formula.  Two coats in, and I'm wearing a set of major false lashes. 
-Long wearing/No flakes/Holds curl/This stuff ain't coming off. 
-Ok, it's easy to take off. BUT only when you want it to. (I normally use Vaseline to take my eye makeup off. You can use warm water to slowly wipe/slide FD off of your lashes!) 

-Not an easily "build-able" mascara. 
-You might not see too much difference in lash volume/thickness. 
-Price is a bit spendy. My mascara purchases have ranged between $1-$28, and I've seen success all across the board. Check out my favorite drugstore mascara {here}

Product Rating: 8.5 out of 10 
For me, FD delivered what was promised. Dramatic. Check. Doll-Like. Check. My eyelashes were fluttering all day. Check and Check.

Did I mention how cute the packaging is!?


What's your current go-to mascara? Like, Love, or Holy Grail status? 


{Bon Bon}

*Sephora once carried the Scandal Queen version, but it was overpriced and a slightly different formula for the US. You can order the real deal, original Japanese formula from Pretty&Cute's online store {here

**Especially in the Mascara department, since those makeup commercials have turned me into a cosmetics cynic with the claims they usually promise.
"Lashes look 6700% longer!" 
"You'll whisk away in a new convertible that you won for being so beautiful with your beautiful eyelashes, and your mascara won't smudge!" 

As the model is clearly wearing the most ridiculous pair of fake CGI photoshopped Kim Kardashian lashes ever. 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased with my own money. All views and opinions are my own. yadayadayada. 


Treasure Tromp said...

I love Diorshow. Pretty much the only mascara that I'll wear. I've tried others but I keep going back!

Katie said...

Like "Treasure Tramp," I also used Dior Show for a bit, but I always seem to fall back on Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara. Can't quit it!

Kelly Brier said...

My favorite mascara is "Aqua Smoky Lash" by Make up Forever. And lemme tell you, I've been around the mascara block #asianlashes #needit

Marjorie said...

I've been on the market for a better one! I currently use L'Oreal Voluminous.

brittany said...

this is suuuuper intriguing!!! i have only ever ever used maybelline great lash with a curved brush, and i have always loved it so much I've never gotten anything else! curious about the fairy drops though! hmmmm!

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