Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lights Camera Action


Call it a momentary lapse of judgment. A temporary bout of insanity. What have you.
I've decided to hop aboard the Vvvvvlog train. Whoooo Whoooo. whoooo.
Be warned.
It might (will) be awkward. I am legendary for turning any form of public speaking, (debates, speeches, etc), into my stand-up-comedian-debut. On purpose? Oh. nope. Back in 1988, I was born and abruptly blessed with the "kooky" gene. Or maybe blessed with said gene and then born.
It's science, very complicated.

(Example: There is a recording of a little something something I was asked to do at my parents' church back when I graduated high school. Me: speaking. Congregation: laughing. Thankfully, you can't download it on iTunes).

So, for my 1st vlog, I'll answer any and all questions that you want to ask me! Little questions. Big questions. Whatever you want. Ask away!

{P.S. Comments will be hidden so that your lovely questions can remain a surprise!}

The real question is: How many takes will I have to record?


{Bon Bon}

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