Monday, March 7, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #6


This year is flying by. Ok. Life is. I could get all philosophical and deep, but that poster above kind of makes me want to slow down and just "be." There is plenty of time in life to say, "whoa!" so this weekend we took pleasure in the simple things. If this weekend could be summed up in a sound, it was more of a "sigh." One of those happy sighs.

Friday Highlights

{boys will be boys. Daniel likes to fly over Mt. Hood)

*Daniel went snowboarding with the guys, and my sister-friend came over to say hi.
*Daniel came home early, (one of his friends hurt their collarbone, merrrrr).
*Evening-in. BBQ Chicken/Garlic Potatoes/Asian Green Beans. and then, watching a scary movie. The Crazies. Ugh. I was a crazy for watching it aka covering half of my face with a blanket so I didn't see the entire screen. It's somehow a little less scary that way.

Saturday Highlights

*40th Birthday party for Tom & Mars, (my uncle and aunt). Italian food!
*10th Birthday party for Savannah, (my cousin). Our present to her is a Girl's Day Out. Lunch, shopping, etc. Daniel's debit card is worried about the "etc." part.
"You can't contain Girl's Day!"- Bon Bon & Savannah.
*Our family likes parties.

Sunday Highlights


*Visiting a new church: Imago Dei. We are still church-hopping before we decide where to plant some roots. The Well is still the front-runner. Not like it's some grand competition for our membership or anything...I mean, we are pretty cool people and all, soooo, yeah.

*Coffee date on Hawthorne. I lost 3 Cribbage games in a row to Daniel. I'm in a bit of a losing-streak. No beuno. He bought me coffee, a bagel, and a chocolate chip cookie, so I wasn't too sad. Note: The way to my heart is through food, (I grew up without sisters, so I'm a little boy-ish sometimes).

*Checking out a car we are interested in buying. Road trips asap!
*Breakfast for dinner! (otherwise known as: Brinner)

Did you have a "whoa!" or a "sigh" type of weekend?

Update: Just played another Cribbage game and: WON!


{Bon Bon}


Michelle said...

Love the sign at the top of the post!! You guys are such a cute couple! Love the pic of you two! I love breakfast for dinner too! Hope you have a fab day! xoxo

Michelle (michabella) said...

I had a WHOA weekend! And your weekend looked lovely!!! I adore those feather earrings!!!

Megan said...

i think churches should send you their resumes and applications...and maybe a fruit basket or two.

kaitlin johnston said...

Hey -

Thanks for stoppping by my blog and leaving a comment .. I will be sure to post about chicago when I get home to let you know what great things there are to do now !

Your blog is adorable and the pic at the top is so cute !
random question .. is your aunts name marilyn ?! thats my moms name and everyone calls her mar .. id never heard it before ! lol

have a great day -

- kaitlin

Tang said...

Really, really lovely wedding! Time really does fly! I feel like it's still 2010.

Sam {} said...

looks like a fun weekend. loving the pics :)

Michaela said...

Oh, church hopping. Been there! I'll be praying you find one you love! (: Glad you had a good weekend, girl!

Megan said...

We are church shopping, too. I hate it. I just want a home church. Let's both pray that we each find the perfect church for us! We had a sigh weekend, too. I loved it.

Dionne said...

Brian and I are church-hopping right now too - trying to find the right fit for us, since the one that we used to go to (and still love) is just a tad bit far since we moved.

Sounds like a great weekend, despite your lad's friend's snowboarding injury.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh this makes me miss snowboarding SO bad

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

we're looking around for a church right now too! i had a pretty laid back weekend but it was a good one :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

mary said...

Oooh Bon Bon with the smile that goes on for miles. Love that. xox!

Becca said...

Fun weekend! I love that you updated saying that you beat him...hooray for bon bon!
Have you guys checked out Solid Rock Downtown yet? We love's saturday nights at First Baptist. Check out the website for more info..

The last few messages have been on marriage and we so good (you guys should podcast them)!

Anyways, you know it's got to be cool since we go right?! :)

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Ohh the snow! Sounds like you have a weekend full of fun stuff, sista :)

Rachel said...

road trip to me so we can be real life friends!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i am totally loving that poster!!

caz said...

Brinner = BEST EVER!!

Brunch is also good... as is Lunner... (Lunch for dinner)

Weekends are also good for Brilunner.. where you have so long of a lie in you end up eating breakfast/lunch/dinner in one meal... supplemented later on by supper of course!! :)

Love your blog!!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

hope this weekend lives up to all the fun of this last weekend (i'm catching up on posts from last week if you couldn't tell).

we used to go to imago too. they have a lot of great social programs that you might really enjoy.

hope this weekend is lovely!

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